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Image of Anne Lister by Joshua Horner

Anne Lister, 1791-1840

Yorkshire landowner Anne Lister lived just 49 years. She accomplished a great deal in this time. She remodelled her estate in Yorkshire, travelled across Europe, climbed mountains and engaged socially and romantically with a wide social circle.

This timeline outlines her key relationships, trips and other events.

Timeline by Amanda Pryce, Jenna Beyer, 2019Image of Anne Lister by Joshua Horner
Main source materials for the Anne Lister Timeline are listed below
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Image of a young Mariana Belcombe by Unknown Artist ca. 1800

Mariana Percy (Belcombe) Lawton, 1788-1868

Mariana Percy (Belcombe) Lawton lived at Lawton Hall, Cheshire after her marriage to Charles Lawton in 1816. Mariana was also a long time lover and correspondent of Anne Lister, commonly referred to as 'M' in the Lister diaries.

Explore some key dates and events in the life of Mariana in this timeline.

Timeline by Shantel Smith, 2020Image of a young Mariana Belcombe by Unknown Artist ca. 1800

Image of Isabella Norcliffe by Mary Ellen Best

Isabella 'Tib' Norcliffe, 1785-1846

Isabella Norcliffe was known as Tib to her family and friends, and she is frequently referred to as such in the journals of Anne Lister. Tib and the Norcliffe family played a rather important role in the life of Anne Lister and their family affairs are often documented in the pages of Lister's journal. The Norcliffe family lived between their home at Langton Hall, Malton and their residence in York.

This timeline will guide you through the key events in the life of Isabella Norcliffe and some of the other members of the Norcliffe family.

Timeline by Shantel Smith, 2020Image: Dining room at Langton, family at breakfast 1832-1834 by Mary Ellen Best

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